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Matte Floor Fiber

  • Matt Floor Fiber

recommended for use on:


  • Cleans non-reflective hard floors
  • Ideal for bamboo, timber, tiles, marble, granite, slate, lino, oiled wooden floors and vinyl
  • No unsightly smears 
  • Longer-lasting than store-bought microfiber floor cleaners 
  • No back-breaking mop and bucket 
  • Reduces water consumption, no yucky chemicals

For best results: This Floor Fiber should be used with the Floorcleaner

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How to Clean your home with our Floor Fibers and Floorcleaner

product information


The Matte Floor Fiber is designed to clean matte (non-reflective) surfaces. Only needs a little water and minimum effort to clean non-reflective hard floors and when used with the Floorcleaner, it will replace harmful chemicals and detergents in your home. This product will replace string mops, sponge mops, steam cleaners and eliminates the mop bucket plus it cleans faster, dries quicker with no residue or smears from chemicals.

Ideal floor surfaces: Bamboo, Timber, Tiles, Marble, Granite. Sealed Slate. Lino, Oiled Wooden Floors, Vinyl or any surface that does not have a reflective finish


  • If more water is required, it is quick and easy to flip the Floorcleaner Head and add more water to Floor Fiber (use either a spray bottle or drink bottle)
  • Safe for families and young children who play on the floor. No chemicals ingested through the skin
  • No need to plug into electricity sockets, saving time and money
  • Lasts for 2-3 years - saving you money compared to other store bough microfibers

Care Tips

  • Remove all dirty floor fibers from the floorcleaner when required
  • Machine wash your fibers in water up to 104°f
  • Our Zabada Fibers do not like fabric softners
  • Clean with laundry soap before adding to laundry bag

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How do I use it? Damp or wet (cold water only) the Floor Fiber with the Floorcleaner
Perfect Partner

This product should be used with the Floorcleaner .  Our Dust Floor Fiber may also be suitable for you

What's it for? Cleaning non-reflective hard floors
FloorFiber Matt Floor Fiber

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