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Kitchen Marvel

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  • Dries all kitchen surfaces including stainless steel appliances, surface areas and cooktops
  • Super absorbent microfibers designed to soak up water after cleaning
  • Surfaces are left shining with no streaks or lint left behind
  • Moisture is removed to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Keeps surfaces cleaner for longer
  • Replaces cloths, sponges and paper towels
  • Zabada products last 2 to 3 years, saving you money
  • A faster, better, simpler, cheaper, healthier clean for you and your family
  • Measures: Height 5.7inch X Width 5.7inch
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For best results: Should be used with the Kitchen Glove 

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How to clean your kitchen with Zabada Fibers

product information


The Kitchen Marvel dries and shines surfaces quickly after cleaning with the Kitchen Glove or Kitchen Handy. The Kitchen Marvel is soft and super absorbent, made in Austria using premium fiber and micro fiber blends. The Kitchen Marvel will last up to 3 years and its reusability saves you money. WET your Kitchen Glove with cold water only, WIPE with your Kitchen Glove and DRY with the Kitchen Marvel for a healthy chemical free clean. 

Ideal Surfaces - to dry surfaces in the entire kitchen area and appliances when used in conjunction with the Kitchen Glove or Kitchen Handy.

How To Use/Product Tips:

  • You can fold your Kitchen Marvel in four to maximize drying capacity
  • Use the marvel dry for best absorbency
  • Hang the marvel out to dry for repeat use
  • Wash the marvel once a week, using the below care tips

Care Tips:

  • Kitchen Marvel can be wrung out after use and hung to dry in a well ventilated area
  • Regularly wash thoroughly
  • Machine wash your fibers in water up to 104°f
  • Our Zabada fibers do not like fabric softeners

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How do I use it? Dry damp to wet surfaces. Should be used after the Kitchen Glove.
Perfect Partner

Should be used with the Kitchen Glove or after the Kitchen Counter Cloth 

What's it for? Drying and shining kitchen surfaces and appliances
Areas of use Time - Easy Not Greasy,Space - One Item Dries All,Environment - Uses Water Only,Health - No Chemicals
Replaces Cloths and Sponges,Paper Towels,Nasty Chemical Sprays,Elbow Grease

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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

The perfect pair! Easy kitchen sparkles
The marvel is truly a marvel! Love the way it makes my kitchen gleam!
Review by JULIE / (Posted on 2/21/2015)
Very impressive cloth
Zabada's marvel cloths are kind of amazing. They can soak up a lot of water and keep going. You really can not just get a glove without the marvel. Not only does it dry but I find a lot of times there are little bits of food or lint left on a surface after washing and the marvel picks all of that right up and leaves the surface pristine.
Review by Christina / (Posted on 2/20/2015)
This was exactly what I was looking for to clean my cherry wood kitchen cabinets. No chemicals and no lint left behind. Love it!
Review by Tanya / (Posted on 1/22/2015)

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